Sunday, February 8

bowling for chickens

our 4-man bowling team lost two members : one broke his foot yesterday and will be out from 8-12 weeks, while another came down with Herpes Zoster (commonly known as "shingles"), or as Billy Paul explains: chicken pox, part 2. Actually, our team has 6 official members, but one's out of the country so we will resort to Plan B (get the opposing team to feel sorry for us, at which point we all bowl back-to-back 300 games and BAM!)

I stumbled across a large collection of Java bloggers, which did not (no surprise) include Geoff Arnold, whose blog pointed me to another (no offense, Geoff, but far more compelling): Baghdad Burning.

Subway; Atlanta Bread Company; Quiznos; Blimpies; Schlotzsky's .. so many choices when all I want is a samwij.

Spotted: Daily Mislead

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