Thursday, February 12

the sky is falling!!! (part 17)

i was emailed German RFID Scandal (to which someone inside my company quipped: "Katherine Albrecht is trying to be the Michael Moore of electronic privacy"). Germany is also known (historically) as the place where Leni Reifenstahl filmed her Hitler-era propaganda (well-delivered, to the point the viewer is oblivious). I found examples on a Washington University website: Propaganda Gallery

It's a pity the Silicon Valley Dwellers don't keep the Off Topic archive updated; it has some great (nerd-oriented) articles (note: their archive interface is bo-ring).

Closed Captions: a Richardson (Dallas suburb) company specializes in Voice Recognition Training: Verbatim Careers Institute. I've read discussions where it's said that real-time captioners must train for 3+ years before they are acceptable.

I never thought of Maryland as a rural place, being next to Washington DC and all. So I was entertained when I wandered across the University's student humor magazine: Maryland Cow Nipple. While they're not making people laugh, I'll be those Marylanders like to view Night Sky Posters from Indigo Night Graphics (including the Dallas skyline).

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