Thursday, February 26

If It Looks Like A Duck

While munching on some nice, organic snacks from Plocky's, I perused the Dallas County Elections web site (since I saw the sign reminding me that early voting for the March 9th primary is underway). Texas is not one of the 10 Super Tuesday states (those are: New York; California; Connecticut; Georgia; Maryland; Massachusettsl Minnesota; Ohio; Rhode Island and Vermont)

The Dallas County Elections web site now has links to the Dallas County Republicans; Dallas County Democrats; Texas Republicans; and Texas Democrats sites. Nosing around them reminds me that A Politician Is A Politician. I am so glad I changed my affiliation to the Whig Party.

Spotted: Never Again: A Self-Defense Guide for the Flying Public explains how passengers could deal with someone attempting to hijack an airplane. Deep Thought #27: I wonder if any al-Qaeda members added this to their Amazon Wish List?