Monday, March 8

blogs, phones, and the British Invasion

Somehow, I wandered across a blog on behalf of the Mars Spirit Rover which amused for a few minutes (I can use some extra amusement/distraction lately).

Unrelated: an article in MIT Technology Review entitled: One Person, One Phone

My company uses the services of AccessLine Communications to direct telephone calls in a non-trivial way (you get a special phone number which can automatically route the calls based on time of day, or even your calendar). Very cool stuff, but I'm not very mobile anymore (since the Economic Bubble burst) so this would be mostly lost on me.

And finally, some guy decided to take out his anger about Britain on his Come To New Britain website (amusing reading). Heard elsewhere that (due to a weak US Dollar) travel to Europe will be more expensive than ever, meaning (conversely) that we may be in for a summer of Europeans coming to America for vacation. Hmm.

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