Tuesday, March 30

more stuff to make me go hmm ...

After reading Sunday's entry, The George advised that there are many running events on active.com. Hmm .. indeed, there are local events listed there, which are not listed on the local websites .. what's up with that?

Also, Roger-Bob emailed me about fundrace.org (where you can find out which of your neighbors have contributed to which political campaigns). Yeah, I read about them in the DMN a few days ago but hadn't visited the site before R-B's reminder. I only recognized one person in my ZIP code in the listing, but was really shocked to see that donations as small as $25 were public information. Hmm.

other stuff that I noted in my PDA to check out in addition to fundrace.org (in no particular order): opensecrets.org; Texas Auction Disposal.com; JohnKerry.com; local.google.com; ArtistsShowplace.com (in far north Dallas .. a long way from the Dallas Art District); and the Plano House & Garden Show (oops .. that was last weekend).

and finally (in the fantabulous column) I located a Waffle House less than 10 minutes from home. I stopped there a few nights ago for a 7pm breakfast of pork chops and eggs .. and hash browns with diced tomatoes, and toast with strawberry jelly. And a juke box with about forty (yes, 40!) songs about Waffle House. Does life get any better?

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