Tuesday, March 23

F U Cn Rd Ths

One of the guys on my virtual team (of 250+) at work pointed me to his after-hours interest: RR Daddy - Dads Who Can Still Rock and Roll which led me to south71cruisers.com which doesn't explain why they are called South 71 Cruisers. Is there a road in Kansas City, MO called US-71? There should be a law that a site cannot go online with a well-written "about" page. There, I said it. I can feel the controversy fuming now.

I've had a lot on my personal plate lately (let's call it a family illness) so sometimes I don't catch obvious stuff. One guy opined something like "can you no longer read a cc: line?" to which I forwarded this inspired hyperlink from Wired News: F U Cn Rd Ths, So Can Translator which talks about how SMS-speak is going bidirectional. Heck, I've been writing in Palm Graffiti on whiteboards for years, must to the consternation of those who don't ack that alphabet, so perhaps I should combine the two? y should i not 3volv3 2 th3 n3xt plan3?

.. and then, there is always the text-free zone: The Untitled Project which has nothing to do with CLI.

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