Tuesday, March 2


today's entries are stuff that i've wandered across in the past few days, which caused me to say "hmm" (out loud):

Other magazine bills itself: "pop culture and politics for the new outcasts" and publishes only 3 times a year. hmm.

Family Tree DNA bills itself: "we do genetic tests for your genealogy questions!". Hmm.

BuzzFlash presents Southern Style: Masterful Machiavellianism. Hmm.

Jakob Nielsen wrote about the fallacy of higher IQs of first-born children: see "Overlooking Covariants" in Risks of Quantitative Studies Hmm.

United Parcel Service: Sticky Fix I must watch for the telltale 2x3 inch label on my next UPS package. Hmm.

Albertsons: A Shot at the Crown describes Wal-Mart's onslaught into the grocery business. I consider Wal-Mart: The Microsoft of Retail. Hmm.

Last, but certainly not least: I have a new screen background: X-Ray Linux Penguin Hmm, hmm, hmm.

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