Thursday, March 4

where did I leave the flashlight?

A thunderstorm blew through here a little after 3pm, and a power spike "rebooted the house". This took my Internet connection offline for a few hours, so I attended the DFW Unix User Group meeting (topic: VoIP - voice over internet protocols). The preso was done by 4 speakers from Add-a-line (aka Add-a-Voice) which is a spin-off of (an ISP). Some of the new stuff I learned was IRLP (internet radio linking project); ENUM (Electronic Numbering); SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) compared to H.323 & MGCP, and Vonage. Also learned that SIP is extensible (woohoo!).

Earlier in the day, I stopped at a random bank (not my own) to exchange a $20 bill for some dollar coins. This time, I got a completely different reaction from the teller. Basically: "why on Earth do you want those?" before going from station to station until she found someone willing to part with their collection of Susie Bs (the Susan B Anthony coins that look like a slightly large quarter) and Sacajaweas (which have been marketed as gold-looking). I was amused to see that Susie B's were minted as recently as 1999, apparently replaced by the Sacaja's in 2000.

I've had a royally bad attitude lately, partially due to a cow-orker, who reminds me of a particular Dilbert collection: Always Postpone Meetings With Time-Wasting Morons. He delights in creating arbitrary rules, and bristles when I respond in kind (example: "I will not accept correspondence that is not formatted 72 characters, justified.")

Finally, I'm considering changing my local phone company (it's still weird that I have the option). What finally set me over the edge is the annual increases in their CallerID service, one of the very few options I care about. When the rate went to $9 per month per line, well .. it set me off in the wrong direction. It's time to shop.

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