Sunday, March 14


I had a lot of time to catch up on my stack-of-magazines in the past few days, and made random notations in my PDA to check out:

Lipitor - a cholesterol-lowering medication; the Healthy School Lunch Campaign (the Dallas Independent School District scored 77 of 100 points, for a C+ [average] grade); the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine: the PCRM's Cancer Project; the Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network; the International HapMap Project ("help researchers find genes associated with human disease ..."); STARBRIGHT Foundation (for seriously ill children).

travel blogs
i read a list of blog sites in USA Today dealing with travel; some promising ones include Sea of Cortez (retraces the expedition that John Steinbeck and Ed Ricketts made to explore the Sea of Cortez in 1940); TerraQuest (virtual expeditions); BootBlog (behind the scenes of boots 'n all); (personal travel websites); Christopher Elliott's travel blog; and TravelPod. There is also .. and don't miss Pamela Lanier's bed and breakfast which lists 40,000 locations.

"alternative investments" on Morningstar; Fund Alarm (when it's time to sell a fund);

nerd stuff

Emerging Technologies Conference [ETC] at MIT: 2003 and 2004;
Movable Type - a semi-advanced blog tool; the Eye of Sauron (the all-seeing Red Eye from Lord of the Rings). Bill Joy articles: Why the Future Doesn't Need Us (August 2000) and Hope is a Lousy Defense (December 2003); email client: Ximian's Evolution

i love plants (gardening web directory); Virtual Kite Zoo; Cargo magazine (see Instant Replay) targets metrosexuals, apparently. It mentioned Mixed Greens; Absolute Arts; and the Telly MC1000; US Patent Abuse gets a rare Must Read vote from me.

trucks spotted on I-20: ImageMax; Stanley Industrial Tires; silver lady mud flaps were $8 each @ a truck stop (the so-called "naked woman" often seen on a semi-trailer's mud flaps) .. they are probably available at a Rip Griffin Travel Center among other truck stops. Deep Thought #1: some interstate rest areas have an entrance after you pass, at which point you make a sharp right U-turn. I like those places, since you can see what's available before you commit the turn.

Red Lobster restaurants (the one on Park in Plano recently closed)

Deep Thought #27: Purina's logo reminds me of the nautical symbol for danger