Tuesday, March 9

stuff to do today: vote, eat, go to meetings ...

Well, the polls are open here (primary elections) and I'll have to mosey over to the polling place before 7pm. Most of the time, I go to the Early Voting which started 23 Feb but I just couldn't get excited about it, since the Presidential candidates were finalized on Super Tuesday (last week). Word is that Texas would have been part of that, had it not been for all the delays caused by the shenanigans involved with the redistricting (gerrymandering) last year. For awhile, I wondered why there only seems to be a Democratic primary, before realizing that President Bush has too much money to make any CFRP Member even think of challenging him. It'll be interesting to see if this strategy pays off in November.

One of the funniest sites I've seen so far (this election) is: Intellectual Conservative Politics and Philosophy because they appear to honestly believe this stuff. Some people take themselves far too seriously, and IMHO, this is one of those.

One site led me to DemStore.com where you can buy Democratic campaign stuff. I wondered if the CFRPs had their own site, so I tried GOPstore.com which linked to GOPShoppe.com (the "Republican Superstore"). Ah, the Wal-Mart of Politics?