Tuesday, March 9


The Luddites rejected technology because it was technology, not for any sane reason. This is what strikes me when I saw the verifiedvoting.org site (which bills itself as ("Verified Voting - Campaign To Demand Verifiable Election Results"). If they are successful here, they'll be demanding that grocery items be marked with paper pricetags again (a throwback to the days of our ancestors). As expected, Luddites do not have a web presence, since that would require the use of a computer. Even so, I'm happy to see that luddite.com is back on the air, along with their all-wooden computers.

Pop-ups = annoying : really? (can you say "duh?" .. good; i knew you could) : Pop-ups damage brands download - Bunnyfoot Universality - UK usability & accessibility consultants. I used the blocker in the Google toolbar for a long time, and decided to try the one in the Yahoo! toolbar. I prefer Google's because it requires less effort to maintain.

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