Thursday, April 1

Check your calendar

It was only a few minutes after midnight, when I ftp'd an April Fool's Day prank to a website that I run. I then IM'd a friend with a pointer to it. "Really?" he asks, then I wait a few seconds before advising "Check your calendar." Argh! First victim, at 12:03am.

Today's newspaper was mostly bereft of 4/1 humor. I only spotted 3 comic strips with humor on-topic for today. This is sad; we need to remember how to laugh. One item I spotted was all about payback pranks: Benjamin Dover At His Best! ... and then, there is the Top 100 April Fool's Day Hoaxes Of All Time (which reminds me .. I need to water my spaghetti tree, and re-brine my pickle bush, and ...).

random stuff : Pets By Mail; A Plan for Spam; Google's GMail

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