Monday, April 12

eBay made easier

An item in the newspaper ("Drop-off stores making eBay easy for customers") pointed me to Cash It In; and QuikDrop, each of whom will take your stuff, auction it on eBay, and send you a check for the proceeds (minus their 35%+ fees).

I spotted another site (TransLingo) that claims to "Make your Web Site Multilingual" but I haven't been impressed (yet) by any of these auto-translators, except as a source of amusement. I've blogged before about so-called bi-directional translation experiments, where you translate from English to another language, then back to English. The results are often bizarre. You'd be better off getting results from The Subservient Chicken

Another high-definition satellite image service is at; many cities, including Dallas, are available in enough detail to spot the weeds in your backyard.

and finally, there's the Fort Worth German American Club (if you're in an office, the background audio may not be recommended).

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