Sunday, April 4


Well, I waited until 4 seconds after 4 minutes after 4 hours after 4 months after (200)4 years, so the time was exactly 04:04:04 on 4.4.4 and phoned The George to wish her a happy birthday, but .. no answer (voicemail instead). Argh. I should've sent a guy dressed in a pink leotard, to dance & sing on her front lawn.

To while away the time, I nosed around an item that's been providing filler for CNN recently: Religion on the Southern Roadside. Also noted that a jury decide that Deanna Laney was insane when she stoned 2 of her 3 sons to death. As Spock would have said: "Fascinating."

Trivia Time! the Vulcan "Live Long and Prosper" hand gesture represents the Hebrew letter shin, as explained near the bottom of Leonard Nimoy's brief piece entitled What Being Jewish Means To Me.

... and then I was cleaning my email inbox when I ran across an item that Tim-Bob sent a few weeks (months?) ago, supposedly penned by Andy Rooney (the Chief Curmudgeon of 60 Minutes). It was easy to find out that Rooney never wrote In Praise of Older Women .. it was done by Frank Kaiser (the guy who writes a newspaper column called Suddenly Senior), in 2000. Not only did debunk the Rooney attribution, but Susan Reimer of the Baltimore Sun contacted Andy Rooney to hear him whine even more.

it'll be light one hour later than usual today, due to that throwback Daylight Saving Time (loathed by us Morning People). Guess I should stroll over to Whole Foods Market to see if they stock Baker's Breakfast Cookie. Before I ingest it, I will wash my hands for 20 seconds, after reading New Scanning Technology May Detect Dirty Hands. Hmm.

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