Wednesday, April 14

Sundry, Part IV

Another day when I blog stuff that landed in my PDA in the past month. Hmm.

Burgess Seed and Plant Company;

Elder care:
Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (Prescription Drug Patient Assistance Programs);
AARP magazine;
AARP Bulletin (news);
AARP Financial Planning

WXVT (Greenville MS channel 15);
WTVA (Tupelo MS channel 9);
WREG (Memphis TN channel 3).
Someday I may blog extensively about my commercial radio "career" (of 2 years). Then again ...

Ontel Products

General Aviation Serving America

Pets: (Dallas clearing house for pet adoptions);
Richardson Humane Society;
Man's Best Friend

Davis CarChipE/X can silently log where your car has been driven, and at what speed (can you say "teenager"?);
2003 BMW Photo Contest Winners

The Conversation (1974)

spotted in Technology Review's archive: The Witch of Yucca Mountain (nuclear waste storage).

On The Road:
George Payne Cossar State Park; Clark Freight; (on most every Georgia license plate).

Health / Medical:
Stop Hospital Infections;;
Local Drinking water quality;
The Natural Pharmacist: Safe Supplements?

Nolo (self-help legal);
Washburn University School of Law;
Legal Information Institute (Cornell Law School);
Jurist (U of Pittsburgh School of Law)

decent pedometers for $15-30:
Walkers Wearhouse

very cool rocking chairs: Klein Design

Best Fares;
World Wildlife/Buyer Beware (products made from endangered or threatened wildlife);
Semester at Sea (learn about other cultures while taking a cruise);
See has a nice clickable map of all 50 states' official travel sites;
100 Reasons to See North America; (the official Las Vegas site);
Tour Pike County (Kentucky);
Tour Yukon (Canada);
Ghirardelli Square (San Francisco).

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