Friday, April 9


It's been a busy week at work, and in the evenings, I've been hand-carving a 42 foot totem pole for the backyard, so not much time to blog. So, I'll take the easy way out and weave these seemingly unconnected pointers together:

While sitting in my La-Z-Boy, wishing to sample Air America Radio (so-called Liberal Talk Radio) here in Dallas (other than via an Internet feed), I remembered the yummy taste of Bawls Guarana. I wonder what a mix of Bawls and dnL (upside down 7up : green & caffeinated) would taste like? The National Center on Elder Abuse (NCEA) is not a codename, but what if it was a code name?. Guess I should find out more about Osteoarthritis (OA) .. what if it's a Jeopardy question someday?

This reminds me that Humor is no laughing matter overseas, where they are less fortunate, and do not have The Traffic Cone Preservation Society. I suppose I could lookup the ZIP codes of traffic cones, using the Zip Code Finder with Zip Code Directory and Zip Code Map (a truly useful site).

I wonder if Fun Chain is a place where those of us who are traffic cone fanatics can gather? FunChain is billed as "The Semantic Social Network". What a deep thought!

Here's another Deep Thought article (see the PDF) : Searching versus Finding: Why Systems Need Knowledge to Find What you Really Want. Which reminds me of the article "Networking is a joke", about hi-tech standup comics (Don McMillan; Wayne Cotter; Dan St. Paul), some of whom use pi meson humor. And who could forget Alec Muffett's blogrant: RSS Considered Harmful.

Finally, if you have (what must be) 5 minutes to spare, check out Debian's 404 page (old, yet good, but you only have to see this once before it gets very old).

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