Friday, April 23

I Can Get Satisfaction

Not sure why, but somehow I wandered across Armored Fist Paintball which led me to seek out paintball fields in the Metroplex. I only participated in this activity once, during a team building event near Austin, Texas. Memories include:
1) hey! that smarts!
2) lots of bruises
3) uh oh .. another jam
4) it's hot inside this helmet
5) if i can't see them, they can't see me, right?
6) satisfaction in sighting a co-worker (on the other team) who thought himself safe in camouflage. pop-pop-pop-pop-pop-pop-pop .. nailed him!

Every few months, politics rears its ugly head, so it didn't surprise me to see a brain-dead, right-wing email making the rounds, which makes John Kerry's wife out to be a villain because she has money. This email attempted to vilify the Tides Foundation (charity). I'm happy to see that they saw fit to rebut these claims.

Then there was the unrelated pointer to DriveDemocracy.Org (guess they thought would be too hard to spell). I was very amused to wander across Yellow Dog (billed as "The Official Weblog of the Texas Democratic Party"). For added amusement, I found Yellow which defined a Yellow Dog Democrat.