Wednesday, April 21

self serve

2 fascinating articles: Weblogs gaining maturity, becoming more useful and The future of Weblogging

speaking of which, Jill-Bob is on a roll, having updated her blog twice (yes, twice!) in one week. Do I hear another horseman of the Apocalypse saddling up?

.. and .. there are some great dog photos here (on this Friendster takeoff): dogster. don' miss the "Site Favorites" .. recommended.

enable rant
i never did ack "midwest" in the way most people do. i've heard midwest refer to Ohio, even. so, i drag out a map of the United States. east and west should assume a dividing line, halfway across (let's ignore Hawaii and Alaska for the moment). same goes for north and south .. halfway between Maine and Key West. so, midwest should be (in my mind) Colorado. Ohio is thus in the mideast. along these lines, southwest = southern California, and not Texas.

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