Sunday, April 25

you can't buy these in stores!

Okay, I think I understand. You slide your (not yet available!) Chameleon Card into one of Chameleon Network's Pocket Vault™'s and push a button to program the card to appear as one of your many credit cards. This is supposed to make your wallet thinner, since you only carry one credit card. But, the size of the Pocket Vault looks to be about 20 credit cards thick. Hmmm. I suppose if it were integrated into my cellphone or PDA, but I'm not thrilled about carrying yet another device.

Yesterday, I bought a new flatbed scanner. Years ago, I would have pored over the specs, read everything and after a few agonizing weeks, have chosen a model. Now, I just pick up PC World or PC Magazine, flip to the back and see which ones they liked best (it takes much less time, and the writers presumably know more about this stuff than I). The Joy Of Specs is long gone.

From experience, I know that specific models (as listed in the magazines) are seldom found (perhaps it's because of the long lead times needed to put something in print). So, when I go to my local retailer (MicroCenter or Fry's), I know to look for similar models. If it was a big-ticket item, I might use a webbot, but this is for a $50 scanner, and not a $1000 digicam. So, that's how I ended up with my Canon CanoScan LiDE 30; the store didn't stock the LiDE 50, and this one had similar specs (along with a $30 rebate). So, I bought it, took it home and plugged it in, and began scanning.

.. and then there's the story (WAIST CASE) out of New Orleans, where they're considering a law against low-riding jeans. Word is that the Louisiana Plumbers Union will sue. One place where you won't see low-riders (ha!) is in Plano today, at the Blackland Prairie Festival. They say "rain or shine" and the rain ended just before the festival started.

Gene Bob's First-Ever Boring Website of the Year Award goes to: Tabatchnick Soups. At least one of their suppliers -- -- has photos of a few of their products.

Finally, I'd be remiss if I didn't provide a link to the coffin photos from Dover Air Force Base. The site is very, very busy and you may have to revisit. Also, don't miss Russ Kick's blog.

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