Sunday, January 23

Domo aregato, Ehr-vis!

I went to Half-Price Books (a chain of used bookstores) yesterday in search of one book; I ended up buying five. I hate it when that happens. Even so, careful selection led me to paying less than $20 for the lot of them, so .. all is not bad.

Mystery Train (1989) is one strange film. It's one of the DVDs I own which was recommended by friends who know I like the non-traditional things in life.

I found myself comparing it to Pulp Fiction (1994), Donnie Darko (2001) and Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me (1992), all wound into one. Watching a film where (some of) the characters speak Japanese, with Spanish subtitles (mentally translating it into English) created an interesting experience. It's composed of three vignettes, the common theme being a fleabag hotel where Elvis' ghost hangs out (okay .. you gotta see it, for this to make sense).

Hard to believe this was a better choice than Ma & Pa Kettle, but ...

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