Friday, January 21

wouldn't be prudent ..

Now that we have President Quagmire's Coronation the Inauguration behind us, we can start collecting evidence to use in President Quagmire's inevitable Incompetence Proceedings.

What did He* know, and when did He* know it? Then again, it's unlikely that His brain's been able to grasp much more than the halftime show at the Super Bowl, so there may not be much to those hearings.
Deep Thought #58: the Google spell checker suggested Dubious as the correct spelling for Dubya. I can't think of a more appropriate definition.
I'm still amazed at the audacity of those who put on the most expensive, lavish inauguration balls ever, but I've stopped being surprised at how a political party that says one thing ("fiscal responsibility") talks out of both sides of its mouth, with abandon.

I should retreat to some Comfort Food (to me, that means Thai Food) .. but then, I'd be undoing the gains I've made (losing nearly 100 pounds) and (to quote King George Bush I) .. I ain't gonna go there.
* yes, I used a capital H in [He], ever since President Quagmire said "God speaks through me."
PS: calm down .. put your party favors back on the table, and step away from the punch bowl: the Sundry on Thursday blog has been updated.

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