Sunday, January 30

is the GOP plotting genocide?

Ah, yet another juxtaposition to intrigue me.

Last week, I saw Christie Todd Whitman on The Daily Show, hyping both her book and her website (It's My Party Too!). She was trying to explain how the mainstream GOP aren't the pond-dwelling lowlife that their leadership exemplifies. Today, I went to the Angelika to see Hotel Rwanda (2004), which conceptually reminded me a bit of Schindler's List (1993). The premise of both movies is that a single person helped save a large number of innocent people. Hotel Rwanda deals with the 3-month atrocity where ~800,000 people lost their lives. One of the most telling lines of the movie was where the difference between the Hutu and Tutsi was explained (I assumed these were longtime tribal divisions, but it was actually an arbitrary delineation established by the Belgians, 60 years prior to the 1994 genocide).
Worth a read: the 10-page thesis (?) by Paul Magnarella: Explaining Rwanda's 1994 Genocide
Now, back to my earlier comment about juxtaposition .. The Bush Regime is trying its best to split the country into Red Voters/Blue Voters (ala Hutu/Tutsi or Nazi/Jew). President Quagmire compounded this on November 5th, when He said He'd work with the opposition, as long as they did exactly what He wanted (capitalizing on his 51% "mandate"). Indeed.

Could we ever reach the depth to which Rwanda devolved in 1994? Probably not. When a group of radical fundamentalists (the CFRP leadership) is Hell Bent on ramming their agenda down everyone else's throat, it's important to quash them early (lest we end up with a population of Nazi brownshirts). I think back to President Quagmire's 2000 campaign where He said "I'm a uniter, not a divider" (which can now be seen for the crock it was).


William Bob said...

You know, Gene Bob, if one looks at your commentary of the past few months, it doesn't look like *you're* much of a uniter, either!

PS. I didn't vote for Bush, either, even though I live in one of the reddest cities/counties in Texas, if not the nation. Wait, that's redundant. Texas *is* a nation.

Gene said...

.. and I never said I was! if They want to think the way They do (perverting everything This Here Country stands for), far be it for me to reach out to Them.