Monday, January 31

stay the course, no matter what

Miles is in town (for a couple weeks) and came to visit Beta (the wonder dog) today. They get along famously (always have) and it's good to watch them run and play together in the backyard.

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Only about a dozen people (of 150 attendees) returned their surveys at last week's meeting, which is far fewer than I'd hoped for. Perhaps the rest took them home, so as to spend some quality time formulating insightful responses? Somehow, I don't think so.

One person chided us for jumping around on the agenda (necessitated when a city official had to attend another meeting and we had to move her from 15th position to 2nd). {sigh} We covered all the items, but not in the precise order on the printed sheet .. and yes, many presenters used more (or fewer) minutes than they were allotted. Just goes to show .. you can't please everyone. Some people are more interested in keeping to an agenda than the content, which really frosts my marmalade.

Tonight, I thought about moseying up to Plano Super Bowl to visit my Old Bowling Pals, but I'd committed to attend the Dallas Comprehensive Plan Open House with a neighbor, so chose not to back out. Alas, the meeting didn't go as I'd hoped, and I found myself nodding off about halfway through it, and am lucky not to have fallen fast asleep. City Planning just doesn't get me excited; seeing all the pretty colors on a land use planning map just ain't my cup of Joe.

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TrshTwns01 said...

How quickly we forget. My first thought was:

Alderman came to visit your DOG?

DOH! Yeah, Miles the DOG! Not Miles the person.

I'm losing my mind. Really.