Saturday, January 22

Moolaadé: certainly not a chick flick

Last night, Judy-Bob and I checked out the renovated Landmark Inwood to see Moolaadé (2004). The film examines several young girls in a village in Senegal, about to undergo FGM - Female Genital Mutilation (sometimes poorly called "female circumcision"). It also presents a far different form of Islam than is shown in Iraq or Afghanistan.

I doubt anyone will win any acting awards, but this subtitled film was a favorite at last year's Cannes Film Festival (heck, even Roger Ebert liked it).

Caveat emptor: there are some funny moments in this film, but the subject is not uplifting, so if you're seeking a comedy (or a traditional chick flick), stay away from this one.

Haûte cuisine suggestion: stop by the Waffle House and sample hash browns ('diced' = with tomatoes), country ham and Award Winning buttered white toast! As to the water: no ice, no lemon (shaken, not stirred).

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