Tuesday, January 11

heart stopper

What an exciting day - it's Patch Tuesday*!
* the day each month that Microsoft releases patches - currently the 2nd Tuesday
There were two high-priority patches this month, the most amusing of which is called Malicious Software Removal Tool. Knowing Microsoft, this will automagically remove any software for which there's a competing Microsoft product. No new icons appeared on the desktop, and I didn't have to reboot, so I'm not yet sure what to think of this innovation. I a9'd and found this new software billed as "a virus detection and removal tool" .. which I already have in the guise of AVG Free Edition.

Earlier today, I relived elementary school, by figuring out what payment is needed in order to net $100 via PayPal (they have a sliding interest rate, plus 30¢ per transaction, so some basic algebra was needed).

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