Saturday, January 1

which way is up?

I really hope you didn't come here in search of something insightful. At least, not today.

Okay, so I survived another New Year's Eve. No bullets rained on my head, although I've yet to make an exhaustive check of the roof for holes, bottle rocket remnants, etc. I did notice a new satellite dish, but that's only because I needed a new one to support the TiVo that arrived on Thursday (more about that later).

The newest member of my household will bid adieu later today: Rambo's visit will end around 6pm. He and Beta have become quite the item this past week. Then again, Beta's favorite was her Boy Toy named Miles, who now lives in Phoenix.

Is Rambo a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, or another species of wild animal? You be the judge.

It's not that Beta doesn't like Rambo, but he's just so ergonomically challenged: short legs that barely reach the ground and no wagging tail - well, unless you look carefully. I think she's also intimated by his intellect: she's not used to dealing with a canine that far from her own IQ. Yesterday, while watching the two play in the backyard (Beta only needing one leap for every 7 from Rambo) I couldn't stop thinking that he reminds me of an armadillo ... or maybe a hedgehog (a wee bit rare in Texas).

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