Wednesday, January 12

some mums do `ave `em

Anne Robinson mentioned Frank Spencer on The Weakest Link (UK version) and I'd never `erd of `im, until I a9'd and found Some Mothers Do 'ave em (a British sitcom from a few years ago).

I am now hopelessly addicted to Weakest Link (UK), which automagically lands on TiVo overnight. The myriad of accents, occupations, and Brit-specific questions continues to confound and amuse me. I also learned that clicking the left arrow at the end of a show rockets me to the [Delete Now] menu: tra-la-la!

unrelated #1

Last night, I attended yet another career-networking session, this one billed as "Speed-Reading People for Successful Interviews" where the presenter suggested that picking up on both verbal and non-verbal clues during the communication and interview process can help. Some of this reminded me of studies regarding body language (e.g. "crossed arms means they're not receptive to you," etc.) If I could ever get anyone to call me back, maybe I'd have a chance to try this technique.

unrelated #2

Whilst out taking photographs this afternoon, I spotted two white guys dressed in suits riding bicycles .. and yes, they were wearing bike helmets. They couldn't have stood out more if they were wearing a red tam and a Guardian Angels jacket. Yes, I know it's supposed to be The Dead of Winter, but it was 23C/73F here today, albeit muggy.

Flashback (sometime in the 1980's): I was at LAX (from whence I used to hub) and spotted some bald-headed guys wearing orange robes. And no, it wasn't Halloween.

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