Saturday, January 29

hey! this sand is stale!

Why have a web site if you're just going to post stale (or worse: conflicting) notices?

Earlier in the week, Bill-Bob (!) told our Humble Little Group about a very cool (and unique!) art exhibit that's associated with the Trammell-Crow Asian Art Collection. This was a one-week exhibit of a (colored sand) mandala. The website said the closing ceremony would be 10:30-12:30 Saturday at the Bath House Cultural Center (on the east shore of White Rock Lake).

So, Judy-Bob and I drove over, and arrived precisely at 10:29 .. to .. nothing. After Judy sweet-talked (!) the janitor into allowing us inside (their hours are noon-6pm) to look around, we spoke to a pair of Dallas police* officers who were equally clueless about the event. We weren't the only ones: several others arrived and were met by The Locked Door. Long story short: the bulk of the ceremony was taking place at the Museum (2010 Flora Street, Dallas) and the final part, where the sand is released back into the wild was to take place at the Bath House. Hmmm.

Thinking that perhaps I was temporarily insane (!) ... after returning home, I checked the Crow Collection website and indeed, there was no information of this odd closing routine. Worse: there were places on the site which advised making reservations, and on the same web page .. it said to disregard that advise. Argh! Next time, I will call very early (meaning: days ahead) and ask a human to explain things to me. Radical, huh?
* The Dallas Police don't have an official motto! "To protect and to serve" is the motto of the Los Angeles Police Department. The nice Dallas officers suggested their motto (painted on the side of the patrol cars) is "Call 9-1-1" (ha!).

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Anonymous said...

This was a fun day.....I have yet to see this tradition......someday!