Saturday, September 10

compassionate conservatives, part 2

.. and the Pulitzer goes to: Larry Bradshaw and Lorrie Beth Slonsky, two San Francisco paramedics who were staying in the French Quarter for a convention, when Katrina came to visit. Be sure to read all the way to the end of page two. What they have to say is amazing.

unrelated: It seems that Tom DeLay (another one of Texas' Most Compassionate) asked some Katrina refugees if they were having fun "camping out" in the Astrodome .. as if losing your home, friends, and earthly possessions was like a week at Summer Camp. DeLay must be related to George HW and Barbara Bush. Why heck, I'm sure he opened his garage to a family or two .. compassionate guy that he is, trying to set a good example ...

Is sleeping in the Astrodome better than the slip road? Are there enough flats (with loos) and minders to go around? Anything to do besides play a thousand games of naughts-and-crosses? (for those BritSpeak-challenged, this English to English translator may be needed)

in the "fun reading" article for today, see James Ridgeway's Pumping Us Dry: Katrina tragedy is an absolutely perfect storm for oil companies

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