Thursday, September 1

pity? lemme check the dictionary ...

In the past few days, I've received several emails from people I know casually, asking me to either boycott all gas stations on 9/1 or boycott specific brands "to send a message". Oh vey!
Someone once told me that it takes 21 days to change behavior (getting out of a rut) which I thought odd. I've never seen such a study, but then I haven't searched for it, either (talk about dry reading!). That said, let's assume I visit Brand Q station today instead of my usual Brand L station, but a couple days later, I revert because it hasn't become a habit. What did I prove?
The thing that frosts my bacon is that the people sending the messages seem to be the least likely to change their behavior with the gasoline price increases. Could they do something different, like combining trips (instead of coming/going 12 times a day, like one of my neighbors)? There are many others (car/vanpool; trade in your SUV for a more fuel efficient vehicle; walk/bicycle to places nearby) but they'll be lost on most folks, who love to blame things on The Global Conspiracy Against Them.

You may think that I have no pity on these folks. Well, hmm .. I guess you're right.

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