Saturday, September 24

yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away

Well, today's the day for The Weather Event (Hurricane Rita), and all indications are that it'll be A Big Snoozer here in Dallas. I've done my Due Diligence .. waddling into the yard, looking for anything that might blow away during a moderate wind (35mph). That amounted to about 3 things: wind chimes; wind spinner; lawn chairs.

10am : nary a drop of rain, and the winds are from the north @~5mph?

11am : spotted the Rita-related blogs on the Houston Chronicle site

2pm: went outside to fetch the snail mail. wind ~15mph? (no rain)

3pm: wind picked up: 30mph?

5pm: wind ~5mph (no rain)

5:20pm: I check the AccuWeather website, and it's now showing Tropical Storm Rita leaving Texas for Arkinsaw and Mifipi. I reckon' Rita decided not to stall over east Texas after all, and is now taking the long way to New Orleans.

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