Sunday, September 11

The Vanished City

I finally finished reading all 186 pages of Michel Mazor's The Vanished City: Everyday Life in the Warsaw Ghetto which I started what .. 3 months ago? Mazor wrote the book circa 1953, and the English translation was printed in 1993.

This was a difficult book to read for several reasons, including the subject matter; the author's style; and (undoubtedly) translation difficulties. That said, it's a very rare subject because I'm unfamiliar with anything like it : a firsthand recollection of what happened to the large number of Jews forced into such a small space by the Nazis, prior to their eventual deaths at the gas chambers.

The fact that this book exists at all is remarkable, given the obstacles. The author had to jump from a train bound for Treblinka, avoid capture until World War II ended, then have the presence of mind to commit everything to paper. Wow.

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