Sunday, September 25

Darwin will be proven right .. again

No one (apparently) died in Texas as a direct result of Hurricane Rita. As a result, the next hurricane to hit us will kill hundreds (if not thousands) of Texicans. Why? Because the Rocket Scientists (no offense, NASA-Houston) will say
"why, remember when Hurricane Rita hit in September of `05? Ah tried to git outta town, but traffik was backed up fer mahls an mahls, and there warn't no gas nowhuhres .. I shoulda staid hoam!"
and The Next Time they will stay home, and they'll all die. This is what Darwin referred to as Natural Selection (the antithesis of Intelligent Design).


William Bob said...

It's like pandemics. Everyone got flu shots a few years ago when there was a big worry about a pretty dangerous strain, and there was no big spike in flu related deaths that year. Then, last year, we had a short supply and no one got shots (so that the most vulnerable could get them), and there was no spike in flu related deaths (and we had vaccine does left over).

Airgoah, we don't need flu shots.

PS. "Airgo" is a contraction of the exclamatory statement of proof, "There you go!" Some spell it e-r-g-o, also omitting the apostrophes.

Gene said...

.. hence the term Airgonomics, which is the study of Economics in the Air. I think. Well, I'm *pretty sure*.