Wednesday, September 28

terror amidst the skyscrapers

I attended a meeting that started at 7pm in downtown Dallas. A fast-moving storm was en route from Fort Worth, but I'm guessing not all attendees Got The Memo about the change of weather. So, when the first thunderbolt hit (around 8pm) quite a few people looked around, wondering if we'd just been Struck By Terra-ists. I'm guessing those were the Republicans, who have been conditioned to Find Fear In Everything, All The Time. Several of us who Did Get The Memo sorta sighed and waited for the speakers to continue.

Judy Bob and I ran into one of their ilk last night at a local restaurant; the guy was pseudo-proud that his sole source of information is the Fair & (Mentally Un)Balanced Fox "News" Channel, and he was shocked that we didn't see the ACLU as a 12-headed monster bent on Destroying Us All. After all, Everybody Knows™ that To Be An American Is To Be Afraid, All Night Long.

Bonus Quiz #7: What are the Statistically Improbable Phrases in this blog entry?

Everybody Knows is a trademark of Fox "News"; Rush Limbaugh Productions; and the Christian Fascist Republican Party.

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