Thursday, September 29


Wow .. what an exciting day I had.

First: I replaced a burned-out brake light, but it took two trips to the auto parts store to get it right. Turns out there's a brake light, and then there's an almost-brake light. Now, I have a spare of each. Now, where can I put them so I'll find them again when I need them -- in the beer fridge? Maybe I should put them among the other automotive trinkets I've collected over the years?

Second: I attended a meeting of a nearby homeowners association .. it's an area that's become attractive to recent immigrants due to low home prices. The people who've lived there for years don't care for some of the "casual maintenance attitude" of the newcomers, and they're planning a crackdown. The speaker made note to say "this is not a cultural issue, or a race issue" and maybe he's right -- the newcomers shouldn't park their trailers on the front lawn, or toss their used mattresses onto the curb 24x7, or have 13 cars in a 2-bedroom home, regardless of their native country.

Third: I remembered to post the updated Sundry on Thursday. Please, control your applause.

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TrshTwns01 said...

I had some friends that lived in a neighborhood near yours that was starting down a similar path. You know if you are going south on coit, instead of turning right, you keep going straight. Then off to the left there is a neighborhood just past the shops and that school? That's where they lived. Nice little neighborhood, deteriorating area. I don't know which direction it ended up going since they moved several years back.