Sunday, October 2

zero, zip, nada

What I didn't do this weekend: much of anything. I think I read some newspapers and tossed the remnants in the recycle bin. And I appear to have made a dent in The Pile that started to gather on my desk. I think I finally got around to watching The Emmys (thank you, TiVo) .. but, in hindsight, I can't recall making a Significant Contribution to the Future of the Human Race. Maybe next weekend?

Heck, I didn't even mosey over to the Cottonwood Art Festival (held at Cottonwood Park) in nearby Richardson. I've always enjoyed moseying under the trees, seeing the well-behaved canines with their owners, sampling the culinary delights that are common to street fairs, and even watching the scores of people taking their time to see (and buy) ART. Alas, it'll be back in six months; maybe I can try again?

Aside: did I ever mention the Rocket Scientists in the Dallas Parks Department who named one of their neighborhood playgrounds "Cottonwood Park"? If I didn't know better, I'd say they did so to confuse The Great Huddled Masses, since Richardson has a much bigger and nicer park (with the same name) about one mile away. Nah, that would infer a conspiracy. And that doesn't happen in America.

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