Monday, October 17

a ramekin of morons

Now that the US population is nearing 300 million, it doesn't surprise me that a large number of people can be gathered for almost any protest. So, the one protesting RFID at a Dallas Wal-Mart did not surprise me. It seems that some idiot uneducated dolt found an RFID tag on a laser printer, and decided that The Guvvermint was preparing to begin electronic sweeps of our neighborhoods, trying to find what Stuff we have inside our A-Man's-Home-Is-His-Castle (lipstick, razors, and now -- gasp! -- laser printers). Truly, the world must be nearing The End!

Update: if these morons uneducated dolts want something serious to picket about, here's something (assuming it's true!): Government Tracking You with Secret Code in Color Printers

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