Monday, October 3

the tale of Jack and Wally

Today, my good friend Jack (Just Another Car) decided not to be reliable. I was out running some errands, and had completed #3 on the list ("drop papers at recycler") when I turned the key, and .. nothing. Well, actually, it did make a sound .. something like those aliens who kidnapped Commander Riker on Star Trek:TNG (they "clicked" at each other). After checking that I hadn't done something stupid (like try to start it while in Reverse) I called the repair shop(pe) and arranged for Jack to take a ride on a flatbed.
Deep Thought #75: Why is it that auto mechanics make you repeat the sound a vehicle makes when it fails? Is this something they're taught in Mechanic School? Or do they do it so as to have jokes to tell their friends? ("Remember the guy who sounded like an armadillo in a blender?")
Naturally, I arrived at the shop near closing time, so I'll have to wait until tomorrow to get a prognosis. Since Jack's now out of warranty, I won't go Hog Wild with the repair. I'm guessing the starter just decided to Up And Quit; we'll see.

In the meantime, I got a rare email from the NTTA today, including a spellbinding website: Who’s Wally?.

I shall sleep easier, knowing that Wally's On The Job. I'm not sure I'll Wave At Wally, though (per their website suggestion) .. that just seems so .. creepy. Maybe I'll use a Partial Hand Wave?

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