Tuesday, October 25

The Dilbert Blog

Today, I discovered The Dilbert Blog and dutifully added it to my list of RSS feeds. Ah, life is good, and has taken on new meaning. The autumn leaves suddenly smell better. The peanut butter is a bit chunkier. The flatulence of Beta the Wonder Dog is a bit less pungent.

This is the happiest day of my life. Well, since Nixon resigned, and Gerald "NASA Scientist" Ford took over.
Deep Thought #76: Compared to President Quagmire, "Gerry Ford" does seem to be a rocket surgeon! And ditto for J Danforth Quayle! Proud Republicans, all ...
I now return you to your regular programming, already in progress.

PS: don't miss this gem: KKK supports Texas Proposition 2

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William Bob said...

I, too, discovered the Dilbert Blog today. Well, actually, it was mentioned in the DNRC newsletter, so I guess I didn't really "discover" it.

Anyway, I loved the dig at that start of that newsletter. It simultaneously dinged intelligent designers and the idiots who decide to ride out hurricanes.