Saturday, October 15

autumn in Dallas

According to The Map, not a single leaf has changed color in Texas yet, while most of Idaho, Utah and western Colorado are already "past peak". Looks like most of the New England is in peak season .. if it weren't for all the rain, I'd bet every hotel in the area's At Capacity. Posted by Picasa

Today's forecast is for 88F and sunshine. The TeeVee WeatherBoy™ said we're in a mild drought (17 inches of rain this year, when we're due 27 inches by this time). Looks like the leaves won't be changing anytime soon.


William Bob said...

Several of the trees in a couple of my neighbors' yards have already changed color. Started 'bout July. Turned brown, then turned up in my yard.

William Bob said...

Yo, Gebo! What' up with the word verification? When I tried it out you said that the blog-spam was rare and easily deleted. I took your advice to heart and removed the feature from my blog, but now I see it in yours!

PS. Are you, like me, hoping that Jenna-Lynn posts pics of her piercings? ;-)

Gene said...

It's not possible that leaves changed color, and didn't appear on The Weather Channel's map. Impossible. No way. Not in my lifetime.