Wednesday, October 26

my heart, be still

in today's (snail) mail, this postcard:
Dear Postal Customer:

Within the next week or so, you may notice a change in the time of day your mail is delivered, or that you have a different letter carrier.

These changes are a result of adjustments we are making in mail delivery routes. Periodically, we make these adjustments due to change in mail volume or growth in the number of deliveries to residents and businesses within the community.

Our goal is to provide timely and consistent delivery service. I am confident the changes we are making will help us achieve this service goal. However, in adjusting carrier routes it is inevitable that some customers will receive their mail earlier than others. You may be assured that every effort will be made to provide you with the earliest possible delivery.


William Bob said...

Wow! Customer service from the Post Office?

The delivery time at my house has changed several times over the years, and never once has it been preceded by a postcard. Maybe this is a new policy?

Gene said...

Oddly, I get these postcards about once a year. Even so, I can seldom detect a major delivery time change .. my snail mail arrives at noon ± an hour or so.

When my carrier's sick|on vacation, the mail arrives near 5pm but that's both predictable and unusual.