Tuesday, October 4

corn and pork, pork and corn ...

Last Friday, Drew Bob and I dined at On The Border in Coppell (pork tamales: yum).

The primary reason for our meeting was to discuss the use of Corn Gluten Meal as a pre-emergent. Later, I spotted an article about it in the North Haven Gardens newsletter, where I learned about the two forms of the Meal: spreadable and powdered.

Drew advised:
"The research on corn gluten meal was done at Iowa State. Although quite complete, this research is ignored by most other universities. I don't know if I would brush my teeth with this stuff, but I would eat it, or maybe feed the animals with it. I have already used this on my lawn (as a pre-emergent). Time will tell. Also see The Dirt Doctor's web site and Corn Nutritional Value."
Drew is always Spot On with regard to agricultural issues, given his extensive background in animal husbandry, so I've no doubt he's Right As Rain with this information, too. By the time we'd finished our discussion (and meal) nearly 75 people had moseyed over to listen to Drew's spellbinding tales regarding this Corn Related Agricultural Phenomenon.

I've gotta call my broker and get in on some of these Corn Gluten Futures, eh?

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