Tuesday, October 11

ticking off AA

Where can I get one of these Crony Jobs?
what I learned from this site: there are choice government careers for the taking, with no experience necessary!
Unrelated: Set Love Free: Southwest Airlines' site about The Wright Amendment, to Repeal the Restrictions on Dallas Love Field
what I learned from this site: the definition of a fortress hub. Data item: American Airlines controls 84% (EIGHTY FOUR) of the traffic at DFW Airport.

What Southwest should do, to really tick off American Airlines, is introduce a bill that would force THEM to use only the fortress hubs in other cities. What's good for the gander, must be good for the goose, (w)right?

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Anonymous said...

These guys at AA are bunch of jerks... they've basically paid off a bunch of Texan politicans for the right to "have a go" at anyone who wants the privilege to fly in and out of Dallas/Ft. Worth.

Why can't they "man up" and compete with Southwest?