Wednesday, October 19

coming soon, to a TiVo near you

I just added 2 shows for TiVo to grab each week from Fox: The War at Home and American Dad .. in addition to The Family Guy which I already watch, and highly recommend as one of the finest examples of morality on television.

Why am I adding these others, sight unseen? Because a group called the Parents Television Council came out against them. Experience has taught me that since these Radical Right groups have decided to shove their sociopathic agendas down the rest of our throats, that the best thing I can do is to watch everything they tell me to avoid, and especially to support their advertisers.

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TrshTwns01 said...

We watch American Dad. Great show. I started watching the War at Home show from the beginning, and they've had some funny things in it. However, it has worn pretty thin because they aren't keeping up with new things. It's like a variation on the same joke week after week.

If you aren't already watching them, I would recommend My Name is Earl and Everybody Hates Chris.