Sunday, October 16

Great Southwest International Airport

The continuing (laughable) attempts by American Airlines to lure Southwest away from Love Field prompted me to investigate the early history of DFW International Airport. Turns out it was originally prairie land at the intersection of three cities (Irving, Grapevine and Euless). There was an earlier airport nearby, called the Great Southwest International Airport. I'd heard that the Wright Amendment was the result of both Fort Worth and Dallas agreeing to give up their own airports, but hadn't heard the other details.

Unrelated: once a decade, on average, something destined to Change Mankind Forever makes its way to the retail shelves. The latest contribution just has to be Reynolds Slow Cooker Liners, which I discovered after spotting A Coupon in the newspaper. I only bring out the Crock Pot about once a quarter, and would use it more often if the cleanup weren't such a pain. Now, perhaps that problem's been resolved with this Spiffy New Wonder Product.


William Bob said...

We await your report. And recipe.

Gene said...

Okay, I've used the Reynolds wonder product, and it worked just fine. When I was done, I waited for the bowl to cool and removed the slow cooker liner, and pitched it. Ah, Life Is Good.