Sunday, September 4

The Photo Op

Most disturbing (but not surprising) read of the day: ZDF News observation, 3 Sep 2005. Pity I don't spechen enough Deutsch to see if it landed on the ZDF website.

I'm guessing that President Quagmire Himself didn't have a clue it was all staged by The Regime, but maybe He did, and just doesn't care. Since He's a puppet and not a real President, I have to give him the benefit of the doubt. By now, he's surely back in Washington playing with his yo-yo.

Actually, I'll bet he's spending all his time getting ready to name another Supreme Court nominee, now that Rehnquist has died. The CFRP will be appreciative, I'm sure. After all, how many Republican voters did you see at the Superdome last week? Me, neither.


Jill said...

I must admit to being rather perplexed as to how one can determine the way people vote merely by looking at them and their present circumstances without applying various stereotypes, the application of which is frequently referred to as "racist" when done by one end of the spectrum and "the truth" by the other.

William Bob said...

I've never quite understood why leaders have to "tour" a disaster area or return to the capital if they're away.

It seems to me that the visit of a President is more disruptive than helpful — people who should be working to help the disaster victims are instead pulled away to assist with the official visit.

And they're *all* staged, so I don't understand your attack on Bush for taking his turn on stage. I'm sure you would have attacked him if he *hadn't* gone on stage, too.

Gene said...

I'm a results-driven guy, William Bob. If things are getting done, I am far less concerned about who gets credit. That can wait until long after the crisis is past.

So, had Bush stayed off stage and things were getting done, I'd be much happier with his performance. Now, it just looks like a very shallow attempt to "hug a few blacks on camera" before scurrying back to the safety of his nice, dry home .. thousands of miles away.