Monday, September 5

Honoré: a name to remember?

I don't know a lot about this gent, but .. finally .. someone in New Orleans who looks like he can get things done: US Army Lieutenant General Russel Honoré, commander of Joint Task Force Katrina.

Aside: He's a "Three Star General" (aka Lieutenant General), one grade below General (4 stars) and one grade above a Major General (2 stars).

However many stars on his uniform, he appears to have done what others couldn't/wouldn't: take control of the situation. I admire that.

I suspect The Real Truth about what happened in New Orleans is somewhere in the middle of the ultra-liberal and the radical-right's reports. One branch of my dad's family landed in Gretna, Louisiana a few years ago. I later learned those relatives moved to Diamondhead, Mississippi (north of Bay St Louis) and some of their houses are in good shape while others are under water in New Orleans itself. Apparently that branch of the family (5 families total) have rendezvoused in Baton Rouge, at one of the daughter's homes.


William Bob said...

In boot camp they teach the mnemonic "Be My Little General" to help you remember the ranks of general. 'B' for the first star is Brigadier General; 'M' for the second is Major General; 'L' for the third is Lieutenant General; and 'G' for the first is just plain General.

Gene said...

My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Nine Pickles.

- Roy G. Biv