Wednesday, November 12

and in an instant, everything has changed ...

A few weeks ago, I was asked (by the local homeowners association) to take some photos of some of the officers who have, for years, patrolled our neighborhood as off-duty members of the Dallas Police Department. As a result, I was able to meet 6 officers who earn a few extra dollars and help keep us safe. These "photo sessions" had a way of humanizing these men to me, whom I otherwise would not have personified as guys who like to snorkel, coach Little League games or just go for a walk with their wives. I probably spent 10-15 minutes with each officer, chatting about stuff.

Well, early this morning (about 3:30am) one of those officers I met was on his normal shift, a long way from our neighborhood, when he was shot with a shotgun (along with two other officers). He wasn't killed, but he suffered severe damage to his right arm (see Police standoff ends with gunman, 2 others dead).

Just goes to show how tenuous life can be.

Separately .. it wasn't more than 3 weeks ago when I heard that a former co-worker's wife died suddenly. Turns out she choked on some food, and her husband thought it was completely dislodged. She went into the bedroom to lay down and rest, and apparently the food re-lodged and she asphxiated. They had 3 small children at home; the husband worked full time and his wife was fulltime caregiver to the kids. Suddenly, everything has changed ...

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