Thursday, November 20

what about JR Ewing and South Fork Ranch?

It amazes me that the #1 tourist attraction in Dallas is the site of JFK's assassination. Word is that several TV networks are sending their anchors to town; on Saturday, it will be 40 years since that day (I was living about 750 miles from here). An article in today's DMN questions whether Dallas will ever get over the stigma.

The History Channel has been airing a 15-year old series about the alleged conspiracy involving Kennedy's assassination (22 Nov 1963). It's impossible to believe all the theories (there are dozens which overlap) but I was captivated by an explanation of a 2nd gunman shooting from below ground level (a manhole) that makes a lot of sense. If you've ever watched The Zapruder Film and listened to the absurd "magic bullet" theory espoused by The Warren Commission, you'll understand why it makes zero sense that Lee Harvey Oswald [LHO] was the only one shooting at JFK that day (there were 4 shots fired, not 3 .. and LHO only got off 3 rounds).

Today's fun words to say: zamboni; paraquat; exacerbate (and then there are The George's words: fluffer; gazebo)

Unrelated: tonight I'll dine with Hay-Jax and Jill-Bob. Details here later, if I survive the ordeal. :P

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