Sunday, November 2

News Flash: PDAs don't cure procrastination

Having a PDA can be too handy. Over the past year, I scribbled down website addresses when I encountered them. As a result, I now have a way-too-long list of stuff to see:

spotted in DFW Living: Key Access \ Affluent Living Publications; LampsPlus®; The Pull-Out Shelf Company; Paragon Distributing; Ultimate Edge; The Grout Doctor

digital photo stuff: dotphoto; ophoto (Kodak); shutterfly

spotted in Premier Egg Roll's window (Chinese drive-thru): Sherlock Bones - tracer of missing pets ("$1000 for missing boxer")

spotted who-knows-where: Internet Scout Project ("research and development projects that provide better tools and services for finding, filtering and delivering online information and metadata"); ("the single best source for facts"); ("Now over 17,203 Free Searchable Public Record Databases")

What's Next: Wired magazine; DemocraticUnderground; NutriCounter; (possibly includes the Ott-Lite VisionSaver DesignPro 18 watt floor lamp ($129) and the Bose QuietComfort Acoustic Noise Cancelling headset ($300))

then there are ("compilation of laws related to unsolicited bulk and commercial e-mail") and SpamCop; SpyCop

spotted on MIT's Blogdex: ("putting the rarin' back in librarian"); (Adam Curry); Talking Points Memo (Joshua Micah Marshall); (Jeffrey Zeldman); (Claire Robertson, down undah)

Chef's; Derby Museum; Duluth Trading; Front Gate; Gardeners; Garrett Wade; Herrington; Home Trends; Improvements; In the Company of Dogs; Into the Wind; JB Pet; Lands End; Levenger; LL Bean; MasterAnimalCare; Nabisco; Nolo; NormThompson; OfficeMax; Orvis; Picket Fence; Plow & Hearth; Power House; Shop Lifestyle; Vermont Country Store; Wind and Weather.

There. All done. I feel like I've just purged. I am renewed.

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